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Business Model Adventures is the home of my favourite adventurer Gar MacCríosta. 

As well as being one of most creative thinkers in the Digital Architecture world Gar runs the best digital disruption workshops money can buy. 

Gar and I love to collaborate with our clients as we both bring something different to the mix, the sum of which is definitely more than individual parts. 

Digital Age organisations need digital age strategies and org structures.


I love working with StratAdept for both their deep business strategy and org design expertise and their openness to try my new and admittedly sometimes experimental ideas and concepts rather than stick to the tried and tested approaches of the past.

As Albert Einstein once reportedly said, "the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result". I've been working in IT for nearly 30 years now and I see many an experienced, honest, hard-working technologists giving up when faced with key stakeholders that don't seem to listen or want to listen to their views, advice or concerns. 

What often results from this is the creation of a "them and us", culture that leads, in many cases, to a complete breakdown in communication. And sometimes to a fully fledged divorce a.k.a. outsourcing - which in so many cases is a lose-lose proposition for all involved in the long term.

Aidan Higgins and Adeo Consulting can help us here. Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence are must-have competencies in the Digital Age, where effective collaboration in complex environments is the secret sauce. Aidan not only has 15 years experience in the IT industry himself but with Adeo Consulting he has a wide range of consulting services focused on teaching these skills and I'm really looking forward to working closely with Aidan to bring his services to the architecture community.

I was lucky enough to work with Kevin Breen, CyberActive's founder, in Intel. I was immediately struck by his depth of knowledge of the IT industry and IT/People management best practice, the product of which I could see first hand when working closely with his world class team in Intel. Kevin and I also strongly agree on the need for the IT guy to get out of IT and learn how to lead from the front in the Digital Age. 

When I see a need for blended leadership expertise across IT/ Business and People dimensions, Kevin is the first person I call to see if he can join the team.

Paddy brings a unique viewpoint to the table. He's spent many years developing his skills and expertise, working at both global and local levels, delivering highly innovative and disruptive  solutions to his clients.

As for helping you to learn to surf the digital wave ... hopefully he's better at that than he is at actual surfing! 

Gar MacCríosta, Business Model Adventures

Industry Partners

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