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Can Google make Android the next Windows?

There is a hole in the OS market. The Windows OS architecture and ecosystem is slowly dying and the new kids on the block, iOS and Android, face numerous challenges, as much in relation to their business models as the more obvious technology challenges.

Leaving the business model questions aside for now here's an Interesting move by Google in relation to Android - Project Treble - part of the planned Android o release. It's a really interesting move as it could address one of the major hassles for key players in the ecosystem:

  • For the hardware guys - keeping the OS compatible with the latest apps.

  • For the app developers - reducing the cost of getting apps to more Android users

What's still missing for me is Google's business model. Google are an advertising company really so they are unlikely to try and copy the Microsoft business model.

Maybe this means Android will remain truly open source - how good would that be? They are certainly moving in that direction.

Why is that good you might ask? Well, in the digital age, we will need natural monopolies. Like electricity grids and roads in the industrial era.

Maybe the OS platform should be a new natural monopoly?

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